5 years EFOY warranty on demand

Highest quality and optimal comfort in use – you have made the best choice with the purchase of your EFOY fuel cell!

With the EFOY warranty certificate, you have the possibility to extend the warranty of your EFOY to 5 years within the first 3 months after you have purchased your EFOY.

Enjoy a maximum of security and an exclusive service when using your high-quality EFOY fuel cell.

You can purchase the EFOY warranty certificate for all EFOY fuel cells on the leisure market which are not older than three months.
The warranty extension to 5 years only applies to EFOY fuel cells that are bought from EFOY dealers.

Seize your chance and order the EFOY warranty certificate now very easily online and enjoy a maximum of comfort and a care-free use of your EFOY fuel cell – anytime and anywhere.

Terms of contract of the EFOY warranty certificate

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These are the benefits:

  • Exclusive EFOY warranty for 5 years
  • No further costs for not self-inflicted repairs
  • Our EFOY service hotline helps you quickly and reliably if your EFOY has to be repaired.
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